Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Giveaway Winners, Awards, and a Plan to Share More Resources

My giveaway winners

Okay, so first I want to announce the winners from my giveaway.
Here is a reminder of what I was giving away:
1) Reading Graphic Organizers for 3rd Grade Common Core Standards
2) Reading Graphic Organizers for 5th Grade Common Core Standards
3) Writing Graphic Organizers, Rubrics, and Checklists for Grades 3-5 Common Core Standards
4) Create a Class Newspaper project as a novel study final project
5) Create a Class book with More Stories from Wayside School
6) Autobiography writing assignments
7) Classroom Faces - A Classroom Community building activity where students make Facebook profiles
8) My Taskcards and Graphic Organizers for Analyzing Poetry
9) My Writing About Heroes activity - perfect for Patriotic holidays
10) Binder Covers and Spine Labels for Teacher Organization
11) Binder Covers and Spine Labels for Themes - Great for the K-1 teachers
12) Binder Covers and Spine Labels for English/Language Arts topics
13) Binder Covers and Spine Labels for Math, Science, and Social Studies topics
14) Student Notebook, Folder, and Journal Labels in a theme of your choice (There are 4 themes to choose from).
15) The First 500 Fry words word wall cards in a theme of your choice or mix-and-match (There are six themes to choose from).
16) A Customized set of word wall letters where you have input on the theme. (I have only made superhero ones so far, but working on more).
17) Back to School Writing (which sadly I did not finish so I can either send it when done or you can pick one of my newest Paisley creations)

Beth Ann was giving away two items from her TpT store, Jaime was giving away her "All About Me" glyph, and Shanyn was giving away her Introduction to Multiplication packet.

First place winner gets all of my stuff plus the items from my contributors.  3 other winners each get one of my contributor's items and get to pick one of my items from above.
Now without further ado:
1) Kristen Wetherington Brugger wins it all!
2) Mindy Medley Wells wins the Introduction to Multiplication packet
3) Lori Raines wins the "All About Me" Glyph
4) Sara Ventrella wins two items from Beth Ann's store

I will email each of you.  Please respond within 48 hours or I will pick new winners.


I have been given the Versatile Blogger Award from Miss Ice at 3rd Grade Sprinkles, Jessica at Mrs. Stanford's Class, and Diane at Teaching with Moxie.  Thank you, ladies!   I was awarded this award not long ago, and I love knowing that people appreciate my ideas.  You can read who I nominated and my random info here.

Mrs. Poultney has awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award.  You can see my previous post where I nominated others for this award here.

I was awarded the Liebster Award and the Versatile Blogger Award from Brandi at Success in Second Grade.  I will nominate some people for the Liebster Award tomorrow.

Thank you so much!  It really is an honor to receive these.  I feel very humbled to accept these and to see how fast this little blog is growing.  :)

Now as part of my giveaway I asked you to share what types of teaching resources you needed.  The overall consensus was that everyone needed Common Core Resources and more resources for Social Studies and Science.  My plan is to do a weekly series where I share different texts for Science and Social Studies with you each week and then recommend specific Common Core standards for reading they would meet. Tuesdays I will share History texts and Thursdays I will share Science texts.  Wednesdays I am going to be starting my weekly writing inspiration posts again where I share a picture, quote, and a poem for writing inspiration, usually based on a theme.

Today got away from me so tomorrow you will get the weekly writing inspiration and my History text suggestions both.  As much as I can I will try to create printables or freebies to accompany the texts, but I feel good texts are an invaluable resource in and of themselves.  Since it is almost midnight here, happy 4th of July!

Oh and I finally made it!  I got ink finally, printed it all out, and discovered my toolbox was broken.  Had to go back to Home Depot and get a new one.  The measurements on my labels weren't totally perfect so I had to just trim all the edges a little bit, but it was pretty close. I love it and no spray painting! The labels look great with the gray. I used glue dots adhesives I found at Michael's to attach the labels to the drawers.  I bought the removable ones so I could adjust the labels if I stuck them on crooked. The glue dots worked really well and seem sturdier than tape.


  1. Your toolbox came out adorable!!! I absolutely love the paper that you used. :) Congrats to all of the lucky winners & congrats on your much deserved awards!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Your toolbox looks great April. I cannot wait to hear about all of the resources. I am sorry I haven't gotten back to your email about the science and social studies. :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life


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