About Me

Thanks for checking out my blog. My name is April Walker.  Ideabackpack is my chance to share and store my ideas with the education community. I am excited about growing, collaborating, and learning. I hope I will always be a work in progress.

My greatest strength and also probably my greatest weakness as a teacher was that I have ideas…lots of ideas. They occur to me in random order at random times and lead me down tangents to other ideas. I was always researching and trying to think of news ways to approach things…explain things. I also could get overwhelmed with my ideas. I had more things I wanted to do than I had time to plan for or follow through on.

So organization is often my best friend. I have journals and binders separated by topics and full of lists and topics, resources, handouts. I played with so many ways to organize desks, organize supplies, and organize my work to be graded and to be handed out. My favorite oxy-moron to describe teaching is organized chaos. For me, it took organization for me to build my foundation to allow for creativity. I need a solid box so I then can think outside the box. I need parameters to start and then I can break them, mold them, reshape them.
Idea backpack is my chance to store my ideas and share my ideas. I hope for others to benefit from the organized chaos that is my mind for the organized chaos that is the classroom.

Through my blog posts, products, and sub-pages I want to organize my suggestions and resources I have found helpful to provide help and inspiration for teachers.

Many blessings, happy sharing, and happy learning!

You can contact me at ideabackpack@gmail.com.
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