Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reviews of Common Core Math TpT Resources from Grades 2 through 6

The last two days have been the first good Monday and Tuesday we have had.  Usually, the week gets better by Wednesday.  It is amazing what a difference routine and the teacher feeling organized can make on how the day flows.  The first year at a new school is always a little rough in the beginning, but we are getting it figured out a day at a time and a week at a time.

Just a quick post today to share some Math resources I have found.  I am huge fan of Teachers Pay Teachers, and I have spent a ton of money already supporting teachers like myself and finding fabulous resources for my students.  I teach grades 4 and 5, but I have one student doing 6th grade Math and several others who were struggling with 4th grade Math.  So, essentially I have purchased Common Core Math Resources from grades 2 to Middle School. I am reviewing them for you below, and please don't add the dollar value of all this up.  I would rather not know what I have spent just on Math this year.

Some of my absolute favorite resources for Common Core from TpT are as follows:

Grades 2-3:

Jamie Rector's Quick Math Assessments for Grades 2-3: 
Honestly, these are one of my favorite Math resources I have purchased on TpT.  They are really well done.  She has put together lots of practice pages for the standards, and they are done in a visually appealing way.  They can be used as independent practice, a teaching tool, homework, or as an assessment.  There are lots of other great products for Common Core, but they are used mainly as assessments and not as versatile as this product.  I wish she would make grades 4 and 5, or I might have to make something similar for grades 4 and 5 myself because I love these!
Kimberly Santana's Grade 2 Common Core Assessment Pack
These also are great practice and put together very well and can be used multiple ways. I love the way she labeled the standards on each page, so you know what they tie to.

Katie Jones' 3rd Grade Math Assessments:
I like that these are concise.  I actually want to use these as reviews or warmups for my 4th graders.

Grade 4-5:

Ashleigh's Grade 4 Math Assessments:
These also are concise assessments that really are well thought out.  They are versatile and could be used the same way as teaching tools, independent practice, warm-ups, homework, or assessments.

Ginger's Common Core Math Vocabulary Cards for Grades 4 & 5:
These are super cute and fabulous resource!  I looked at a lot of the math vocabulary packs, and this is the only one wanted to spend the money on.  They are visually appealing and really well done.

Runde's Interactive Math Journal:
I haven't used this as much as I would like yet, but it is amazing!  There is a reason it has been the number one seller.  Absolutely, this is one of the best investments you could make.

Miss Nannini's Math Assessments for Grades 4 & 5:
These are very well done.  They are definitely more formal assessments and really make the students demonstate a thorough understanding of the standards.

Jennifer Findley's Grade 5 Math Assessments:
I like that these are still actual assessments, but a little shorter (about 6 questions).  These would make great little check-in quizzes.

Middle School Math:

I bought Lindsey Perro's Middle School Workstations and Beyond the Worksheet: Middle School Math Activities.  Her stuff for middle school math is inspiring.  It is so well executed and presented in a fun way.  It makes math practice a lot more fun and interesting. 

Tomorrow I am going to share some non-TpT Math Resources I have found. If you have specific questions about any of the products above, I can try and answer. I hope your math workshop is more sorted out than mine.  I am working on a week at a time.

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  1. Hey April!
    Thanks for sharing your math packets you found. I am struggling in figuring out the best math workshop for my class and I need all the help I can get! Thanks again! I am posting on some neat math centers I observed tomorrow if you want to check it out on my First in Fifth blog..

  2. How did I not see this until now?! Thank you SO MUCH for your shout-out! You are so sweet! :)

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