Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Halloween Sale and some Halloween Ideas on Bats

I hope all is great with you.  I have spent tons of time the last couple days researching ideas and adjusting my schedule. I would be curious to know if you prefer to have extended amounts of time on a subject fewer times a week or shorter periods of time every day.  I am trying to decide what is most beneficial.  I have decided I like the idea of a shorter amount of time for Math every day instead of longer amounts of time 3 days a week. I think this will work better for me since I have like 3 grade levels of math in one class. I would rather focus on different grade levels each day to meet in small groups. It will probably be a constant work in progress.

I did not want to miss out on all the Halloween TpT fun, so I am throwing a sale for 20% off at my TpT Store.

I saw this post yesterday from First Grade and Fabulous for ideas on discussing bats.  We watched the Magic School Bus episode on "Going Batty" today. 

Some of my kids had already been writing about bats from my Halloween writing prompts.  First Grade and Fabulous includes a link to some activities for Stellaluna.  You can watch Stellaluna on Storyline Online, which I think we are going to do.

We also are going to read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat and discuss cause and effect. On Wednesday, we will read I Need My Monster.

For My 95 Halloween Writing Prompts, so far instead of cutting them out and putting them in a jar, I have been projecting the prompts each day. The kids get to choose a prompt for their journal writing. The prompts are divided into categories.  We have done persuasive writing, descriptive writing, and a fictional story.  We will do a couple more categories, and then the students will choose one journal entry to go back and finish and publish. We do journal writing for about 10-15 minutes and then share.

And in case you are also studying owls, here is a song on owl pellets a former teacher of mine shared:


  1. We watched the video yesterday too!! Thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. The Stellaluna video has been a fav with my kindergartners.

    I prefer to visit subjects each day. But I have longer stretches for social studies/units three days per week.


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