Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made It: Book Bin Labels (Freebie)

I had a great weekend.  My ex-workspouse had her baby shower today.  I spent a lot of the weekend trying to help get ready for the shower and the other part resting and getting ready for the week.  I am not going to apologize for taking a couple days off from blogging because we all need rest.  On a side note, I wish others would stop apologizing for taking a break for a couple days.  We all are working on balancing life, teaching, and blogging.  We all understand.  Actually, tomorrow I am going to be posting about a linky party for the Back to School Balancing Act.  I would love to have others link up and share how they find ways to balance school, family, blogging, and health. So be thinking of ideas you would like to share on how you try and balance back to school.

I am behind on commenting on people's blogs.  The last two weeks I have kept up with reading the blog posts, but haven't had time to comment.  I am going to try and do better this week.

For this week's Monday Made It, I didn't think I would get anything made. 

I am struggling a little bit with how to decorate my classroom.  I am teaching at a small school where all of the rooms are decorated with Ikea furniture and art work from different cities around the world.  I stole the London artwork and made my room the London room since my first theme is going to be the Olympics. This will be our first year to have an elementary age group.  Prior it was only middle and high-school aged students.  I want to use my welcome sign and put up a cursive alphabet.  I will have a bulletin board once we get it ordered.  I want to do something like I have seen by Clutter Free Classroom and Pinterest where you have a designated spot for each student and use a clip to hold up the work.  I think it looks very clean and pleasing to the eye. 

I will have some of my books for my classroom library displayed, but I don't have enough room to display all that I have so I plan on rotating them out.  I was just going to alphabetize the books because I believe students need to be able to find books at a real library, but I have decided to use genre baskets again. I normally mainly decorate with blues and greens.  To go with the simple/ more steamlined look of the school I want to keep things very clean and simple that I put up. I love Kristin's Flipped signs at Ladybug Teacher Files.  Her cursive alphabet signs and genre posters with the bright colors on the black background are on my to-buy list.  They look fabulous.  I have seen pictures of them floating around in the blogging world as people share pictures of their classroom, and I love them.  I would attempt to make a cursive alphabet myself except I can't find any fonts for D'Nelian or Zaner Bloser cursive.  Anyone know where to purchase cursive fonts?

I normally am not one to use black, but the combination of the black with the bright colors is clean but has a lot of impact.  I still want to use my owls with dark colors welcome sign and incorporate some black, maroon, blue, and green into bulletin board eventually. I actually saw some Harry Potter owl clipart on Etsy I thought about purchasing since the theme of my room is London.

I love Kristin's genre book bin labels, but they are black and white.  I needed some other labels besides the ones she had.  I also wanted the text on mine to be blue and green so I made my own.  I have decided to share them with you for free below.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Book Bin Labels


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