Tuesday, August 28, 2012

classroom reveal part 1 and beach classroom decor

I have lots of ideas as usual of things I want to blog about.  Right now I am so tired.  5 mile bike ride Sunday and today.  60 minutes hot yoga yesterday.  My summer school kids finished today, so I get 3 days this week to hopefully plan.  School officially starts September 4th.  This week I need to finish planning out the first two weeks of school and make a scope and sequence for the year. 

I also still need to share with you some of the awesome products I have purchased on TpT.  I need to finish printing stuff so I can share pictures of  it all up in my room or organized in binders.

Hubby finally home today from the 4 day LAN party.  It was a quiet weekend, but my sleep schedule is all weird because I would wake up when the hubby came home odd hours and then I would nap during the day and whatnot. 

My classroom is not done, but I thought I would share a few pics. I will share more after I finish the bulletin boards and everything. Sorry the pictures aren't super great.  They are from my phone.

These cubbies hold my books for my classroom library and other things like flash cards and binders.  I am also still debating whther to store their book boxes here or just keep them on the tables.

This is a cabinet that holds my teacher materials, some of the school supplies, and all my literature circle and whole-class novels.

This is my desk at the moment.

So one benefit of being at a small school with older students is that last Thursday on the day of the parent night we were getting the rooms as ready as we could to be presentable.  The high schoolers finishing up summer classes had no desire to work, so they helped instead.  One boy young man put dividers in all my student binders for me and sharpened 72 pencils.  I have never had such willing labor before.   There are 72 pencils "ready to write."

This is one of the student tables with a table basket and the book boxes.  I still need to add the table labels and label the book boxes. I am behind on printing stuff out and making my Harry Potter Owl decorations.

This is my sign I bought at a flea market.  It is my name spelled out of old license plates.  I find it really fun and almost like a ransom note or something. It amuses me.

These are some games I bought on sale this weekend at Toys 'R Us and Target. I found 2 copies of Scrabble, 2 copies of Chess, a generic version of Jenga, and a box of K'nex for about $90 total.  That seemed like a pretty good deal to me.

This is my cursive alphabet that did not photo well because I laminated it.  I will try and bring the real camera when I finish everything so I can take better photos.

This is my Owl welcome sign in dark colors.

I finished my beach classroom decor. I need to finish my monster and superhero decor. I also need to finish my owls and dark colors and Harry Potter Owl decorations for myself.  The first person to leave me a comment gets the beach classroom decor for free.  I would love to know if there are any items you still need for your classroom.  This includes welcome sign, labels, word wall letters, table signs, name tags, and center signs.  I plan on uploading an editable version of the word wall cards and classroom labels.  You also can get beach themed Dolch sight words word wall cards at my store.  I need to make the Fry words cards to match the beach theme still. 

That's it for now.  Good night.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway that ends tomorrow to win 3 items from my store.

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  1. You sound very busy April, you'll be exhausted before you even start school! Looking forward to seeing your classroom ready to go! I would love the beach decor. At the moment I have an apple theme, but our school year finishes in December and I am heading to the beach for our Summer holidays so next year (if I have a classroom) I would love to start the year as a beach theme.
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings


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