Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Busy week and a weekend without the gamer hubby

I have great admiration for the teacher bloggers who have children.  I'm honestly not sure how you do it.  I am working on fitting it all in.  I actually am really excited for the kids to start, so I can get into a routine.  I like routines.  Getting ready for school to start is always hectic - not that the school year isn't hectic.  I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and make my goals too unrealistic. 

This year I really am trying to focus on gratitude and a positive attitude, balanced with realistic expectations.  Blogging really has reawakened my passion for teaching.  I am eternally grateful for the fabulous bloggers whose posts I love reading (although, lately I have lagged on commenting) and all my followers. 

I am trying to keep with reading blogs and commenting, blogging, and keeping my store updated.  My plan this weekend is to get caught up some stuff for my store.  I should have some time.  Guild Wars 2 is released this weekend.  The gamer hubby will be at a 3-4 day LAN party.  They all took Monday off of work.  Can I tell you how much I love that my brother-in-law lives in a house nearby and the LAN parties are no longer held at my house?  We had like 4-6 of them.  It was enough.  If you don't know what a LAN party is, it's where grown men load their 50 pound computers, monitors, and head phones at one location, so they can play video games at the same location and eat junk food, and drink beer, energy drinks, and coffee. I shouldn't be sexist.  There are women gamers too; I'm not one.

I wish it was possible to fit it all in every day, but it's not.  My husband and I are trying to start an exercise routine of exercising six days a week.  Saturday and Monday I did hot yoga, and Tuesday we went on a 9 mile bike ride. Today, I took an hour and a half nap.  I am going to back my goal up for awhile to five days a week until my body gets used to exercising this much.  Rest is just as important.  I am actually am toying with the idea of keeping a personal blog to track my progress with fitness and eating habits.  However, I'm not sure I can squeeze much more into my weekly goals.  I do want to try and start reading more fitness blogs.  Any you recommend?

Tonight, I got the rest of the items that I plan on taking into my classroom loaded into my car.  I love my dolly.  It was the best investment ever.  I have usually loaded and unloaded my classroom by myself, so the dolly has saved me much frustration and back pain.  Tomorrow is the parent information night.  Working on completing some more stuff in my classroom.  I will have pics of my classroom soon.  I have enjoying everyone else's reveals.

I showered tonight and packed my lunch.  Let's see if I can get up on time in the morning.   I'm not a morning person, so I am struggling to get up on time.  Any advice?  I know - go to bed earlier.  Working on that one.  One step at a time, right?

Getting close to 400 followers.  I want to start thinking about next giveaway.  Let me know if you would like to contribute anything (  I plan on ordering my Erin Condren planner in the next couple days, so I am thinking about making part of my giveaway an Erin Condren gift certificate. 

Thank you for the feedback so far on classroom decor ideas. Let me know what you are looking for in classroom decor and you might win a freebie.  I plan on lots of creating this weekend while the hubby is gone.  (Actually, funny note - my mother-in-law and sister-in-law will be at my house this weekend.  They have been staying at my brother-in-law's while they waited to move my sister-in-law into her dorm, but you know you can't have Mom at your grown-up LAN party.  So the mom is coming to my house for the weekend.)

Goodnight all!


  1. I am impressed. I need to start exercising at least 3o minutes a day. I'll be happy to help out with your giveaway.

  2. Well done on starting an exercise routine. How nice of you to recognise working mum's, I'm sure you would be fine particularly if you like routine because that is the best thing you could have with children. I would be happy to contribute to your giveaway I will contact you by email with the details.
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  3. April,
    Wow. A four day LAN party? I thought I had it bad when my husband was gone from 6pm-4am at his last party. And it was at someone else's house. He recently bought Counter Strike 2 (I think) and played for a couple of hours yesterday. :)
    I am trying to be healthier too. But my goals are a little bit smaller. :) Have to start somewhere right? Like going to bed before midnight. I might accomplish that once this week. Which isn't bad. Or drinking 8 glasses of water daily. I'm getting closer on that one.
    I would love to help you with a giveaway. I'm not sure what you are looking for, so take a look at my products and shoot me an email. Congratulations on almost reaching 400!
    Life with Mrs. L
    My Store

  4. LOL, my husband plays lots of video games and has actually taken 2 days off in November so that he can have a 4 day weekend for when a new game comes out.


  5. Hi, Love your blog. I have a dilemma regarding decor that you could possibly help me with. I work as a Literacy Teaching Assistant K-3, but the room I use is also used for meetings (etc.). I would love to put up a few things such as the alphabet for starters, but it can't be too "themey". Any suggestions? Please e-mail if you can Thanks!!

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