Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Magical Product Swap: Science Warmups

It's time for the magical product swap organized by the wonderful Jessica Stanford.  I told Jessica I need help with science.  I will be self-contained this year and science is the one subject I have not taught yet.

I was matched with Ari at The Science Penguin.  She also will be self-contained this year and has not taught Reading. Thus, we were perfect to be matched. 

Ari sent me two products: her Scientific Thinking and Measurement Stations and her weekly science warmups.  Here are the links to her TpT store and Teacher's Notebook store.

The weekly science warmups are great.  There are warmups for each of the three main Science disciplines: Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science.  There are also warm-ups for scientific thinking skills. I am excited about using these warm-ups because I think they will be great quick thinking activities and an easy assessment.  I do not actually have Science scheduled for me everyday, so I'm not sure if I will use them everyday or we may do more than one day's warmup at a time.

I printed it all out and decided to put it all in a binder.  I have been making binder covers/dividers for every possible topic I might need, so luckily I had already made some for Science.  I did not have any Science resources yet, so these got my Science Resource binder started.

What I decided to do was to organize the materials in my binder using a hole punch and sheet protectors.  I used the sheet protectors as dividers with the covers I had already made for the different areas of Science, and then I placed the hole-punched warmups for that topic behind the sheet protector.

The first sheet protector I put Ari's cover she included for the warmups and behind it I put the table of contents and answer key to the warmups.

Then I included the cover and warmups for Scientific thinking:

Followed by the warmups behind each of the three main science disciplines and their respective divider covers.

Then, for the scientific thinking and measurement stations I chose not to hole-punch these so the whole set went into the sheet protector.  These are colorful and include directions needed for the station.  Ari also does a good job of including a teacher resource page with each of her products which provides tips and an overview.  I thought this was great and very professional.  This is something I would like to start doing with my own products.

 I also went to Ari's store and downloaded a couple of her free activities.  She has a Science interest inventory which would be great for the beginning of the year and an S is for Scientists lesson, which looks great.  I plan on incorporating texts and literature into Science, so I am glad to have an extra lesson to use.

 Thanks to Ari my Science Resources binder has been started!  On a side note, I know I need to announce the winners of my huge giveaway.  I have been crazy busy, so I will announce that tonight via another post.


  1. Super cute binder covers! Thanks for the awesome review!

    The Science Penguin

  2. Your binders look great and so organized! I need to put more of my time into getting ready some science lessons.

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas for the classroom. I have nominated you for an award. Stop by my blog to pick it up!

  4. Your binders look fabulous. I'll have to keep this product on my wish list and check it out once I attend our Science Prof. Development.
    Thank you,
    Where Seconds Count

  5. Wow! You're super organized. I'm impressed :)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  6. I love using sheet protectors, then you don't get holes in all the pretty borders.
    Not sure if I emailed you earlier today, but I am having a Linky Party for Classroom Designs and bulletin Boards. Whenever youget in your room and are ready to post your pics, link up with me. I'd love to see what ideas you pull out of that backpack of yours!
    thanks so much,


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