Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: Spelling Lists with Greek and Latin Roots

This week I am linking up with Jivey's Workshop Wednesday for Word Work. 

This year I really wanted to spend more time on Greek and Latin Roots.  I also really wanted to do a weekly spelling list, but I wanted it to be challenging and really strengthen their understanding of words.  I decided I wanted to do a weekly spelling list that consisted of Greek and Latin Roots. 

This summer I purchased the Reading Olympians program.  I loved the idea of the kids getting to earn different titles of Greek Gods as they mastered different sets of roots.  I hoped the program would come with word lists to accompany each root, but it did not.  It was my intention to just pick 3-4 words for each root and create weekly spelling lists to match up with the Reading Olympians program.  Of course I never had as much time as I planned, so I decided to search TpT for a Spelling program based on Greek and Latin Roots.  Reading Olympians really seems like a great program as a separate vocabulary program, but I did not feel I had time in my week for separate spelling and word work times so I wanted to combine them.

I was so excited to find One Extra Degree's Word Warriors program.  We are on week 3, and it is working great!  We start out the beginning of the week talking about each root and it's meaning.  My students then match the different words from the list to each root.  We talk about the meanings of all the words on the list.  I usually have them do some sort of writing assignment with the words. I also have a Spelling City account, so I have been putting the lists into Spelling City.  This way my students can play games with the words to practice them. Here is an example of our list from last week:

 photo null_zpsa000185b.jpg

We used a flapbook on Monday to illustrate all the meanings of the words, write sentences, and group the words by root. 
 photo null_zps7c1a5bbc.jpg

 photo null_zps71a5a5e8.jpg

You can get a copy of the Root Word Study Tabs flapbook here.


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  4. Your link to the root words study tabs is not working. Is it available in your TPT store?

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