Thursday, October 24, 2013

Getting ready for the iNACOL Conference and NAGC Conference

We have had a fun week of studying bats and point of view.  I am going to share more tomorrow about what all we have been up to.

I wanted to pop in and tell you I am excited about going to the iNACOL conference next week.  The iNACOL conference is an education conference for online and blended learning.

 I work at a blended learning school where we combine online learning curriculum with personal teacher interaction.  It is a model that allows kids to work at different paces and levels, while still getting attention from a teacher in person.  I am always excited to learn and try new ways to incorporate technology.

I am hoping to be able to come back and share about my experience with you and maybe some new technology tools. This will be my first education conference, and it is at Disney World, too.  I get to stay in the park for the first time.

About a week and a half after iNACOL, I will be leaving for the NAGC (National Association of the Gifted) conference in Indianapolis. I am also really excited about getting to network and learn from experts on gifted education.  This is my first semester of my PhD program in Gifted Education, so I am pretty excited to just go and learn.  Hopefully both of these conferences will spark some great ideas to implement in my classroom and share with you.

I hope you are having a great week. I have to get back to trying to get some of that grad school homework done before I leave on Sunday.

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