Monday, June 25, 2012

A Super Monday-Made-It

First, I want to say I got a new A/C unit yesterday.  It is very exciting considering it is supposed to be 100+ all week.  Our old A/C was original to the house from 1977.  That thing was a tank.  I don’t think it ever would have died; it just wasn’t very efficient.  It worked really hard to keep the house like 76 or 77.  I woke up this morning and the house was 72.  It was awesome, let me tell you.
After thanking God for a good night sleep, what was the first thing I did?  Am I the only that checks my email and Google Reader on my phone when I first wake up?  I am a bit compulsive.  Oh, well.

So for "Monday-Made It's," I totally hope to be craftier at some point and have a huge list of crafty things I want to make. 

For now, I had things I had started and wanted to finish.  One huge project was word wall words for the first 500 Fry words.  I was horrible at updating the word wall.  It was not my strength at all.  So in my mind why not make all the word wall words ahead of time in the summer?  I decided to start with the Fry words and then my next goal is to do a set for higher order thinking verbs.  My 5th graders really struggled with understanding all the different Bloom’s verbs and higher order thinking verbs.  For Fry words, I didn’t really try to add pictures.  For other word sets, I will add pictures to make them more helpful. 
My ex-work spouse wants to do a Superhero theme next year, so I told her I would make her stuff.  Check out my post on how I am so helpful, I’m like a hammer.   So I wanted to take a stab at making Superhero word wall letters for her.  I think they came out pretty cute? What do you think? 

Then, I decided I wanted to frame the Fry words in cute colors/patterns.  It started as I wanted some in colors to go with her superhero theme.  Then, I wanted more blues/greens/purples for myself.  Well, in the end I ended up with 6 different versions of the words.  So, then it seemed like it might be fun to break them into sets of 100 and allow the option to always mix-and-match patterns. 

Yesterday, I got all 30 files (5 sets of words times 6 color schemes) uploaded to TpT.  That felt like a huge accomplishment. 
I also have been working on binder covers galore because I want to reorganize my files into binders.  Here are some freebie holiday binder covers and spine labels I made.  You can pick them up at my TpT store for free. There are covers and spine labels for 20 holidays.

I want to put together a set of superhero themed bulletin board phrases.  She is having a baby in September and I am trying to help make things easier for her.  Coming up with a bulletin board idea every month is always a huge stress, so I thought if I could come up with like 9 superhero themed bulletin board ideas, how cool would that be? Now could always do something like Super Students, Super Spellers, Super Scientists, etc. Throughout the year, could do things like create a superhero, decorate a pumpkin, turkey, or snowman as a superhero, think about everyday heroes, draw themselves as a super hero, etc.  What I need to come up with though is like 7-9 superhero phrases.  Anyone got ideas?

I am planning my 100 follower giveaway to start in next couple days.  I will be giving away a set of the Fry words word cards, a word wall letter set, and all my binder covers/spine labels. Any requests for word wall letter themes to go with the patterns of the word cards?  Any one interested in contributing to the giveaway?  Thanks so much.  Always love comments! :)


  1. April! Wow have you been busy! Thanks for linking up:) So sweet of you to make stuff for your friend too! Love thoughtfulness!!

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. Yes, it was a busy week. However, the word wall cards have been a project for like 3 weeks, I think. They took a while to do.

  2. I too read all emails and Google Reader on my phone before getting out of bed. :D

    My Different Worlds

  3. You have been super busy!! It looks great :)

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  4. You have been busy! You are not the only one who checks email and google reader first thing... my hubs thinks it's sad, but I don't :) Besides, it's summer (even though I do it during school, too!)

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

  5. I'm glad I'm not the one who reads phone first thing! :)

  6. You have been busy! I love the sight words and alphabet.

    Little Treasures

  7. The colors on your blog design are so rich and beautiful! I really do love it! Kudos to your web designers!

    Thanks for coming over to "Puttin' on My Big Girl Pants" and showing me some love. I'm a new follower on The Idea Backpack! :)

    Christi (POMBGP)

  8. I found your blog from the linky and I'm your newest follower!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  9. I love the superhero word wall letters! That is so sweet of you helping out your friend. My school theme is superhero as well so I've been thinking about what to do. I'm trying to have male & female superheros. I'm drawing some superheros with phrases next to them like "Incredible Writing" The Incredibles mom, "Mighty Math" Mighty mouse, "The wonders of science" wonder woman, & I think "Soaring Readers" superman. Still working on it.


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