Friday, June 22, 2012

I am like a hammer - either helpful or overkill

I am like a hammer - either helpful or overkill:

So I just made the analogy that I am sort of like a hammer: I can really be helpful, but sometimes I am overkill.  I think and think and think and analyze and analyze…then I want to create something or share something or try something.

My really good friend who was my work spouse for two years is trying to enjoy her summer, and I keep trying to offer to create stuff for her.  I am pretty sure I drove her nuts a lot of the time because I am always thinking of more ways to do something or approach a task.

I could get scattered sometimes when teaching or planning.  I plan to do something one way, but through trial and error or conversation or inspiration I think of two or ten other ways to do something.  Then, I want to try it all.  So one class might get one approach and the other might get a different one. 
That actually is one of the beauties of teaching.  There is so much room for spontaneity and adaptability and inspiration and creativity and authentic learning experiences.  The best moments are when you can let go of the endless to-do’s and be in the moment. 

I have always struggled with that balance.  I love to be creative and learn, but I am a perfectionist and an overachiever.  Anybody else ever struggle with balance or drive others crazy because you have too many ideas or too many questions?
Well, at least I now have blogland and this little space to let my brain cohabitate and store my ideas  (hence, the name Idea Backpack).

How cute is this?

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