Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Sale and Pilot Office Product Reviews

It's Fall, which means it is time for College Football at my house.  My husband will be busy for awhile watching College Football...when he is not gaming.  Today we are going to the Texas A&M game in College Station.  We have not been back to a game since we graduated.  I am super excited because I get to see one of my BFF's who lives four hours away.  The three hour drive will give me time to nap or grade or workout my rotation schedule for Math/ELA a little better.  I  really am struggling to figure out how I want to plan out my Language Arts this year to tie it to CCSS for grades 4 and 5 when I know they also need to cover grade 3 stuff. I am thinking we will be doing good to cover grades 3/4 standards.

I have linked up with Second Grade Math Maniac for a Fall Sale.  I need to start thinking about creating some Fall products for my store. Click on the link below to go to my store:

I also this week had the opportunity to review some office supplies. I got to review several office products.  The first was a package of Pilot Be Green Dry Erase markers.  It also came with a refill. I really like them.  I like the idea of refillable dry erase markers.  Hopefully they won't dry out as easily as other dry erase markers or even if they do at least you don't have to throw them away right away.

(This picture above is me trying the markers out on my new small group table, which is glass.  We tried it out yesterday.  I love it. I can write on the table with dry erase.  The kids enjoyed it, too.  The only down side to the Pilot Be Green Dry Erase markers is that they are fatter than other dry erase markers.  I wish they were a little slimmer.)

I also got to review some Pilot Pens and a Highlighter. There was an eraseable gel pen, a ballpoint pen, and a rollerball pen.  The highlighter is eraseable, too.  How cool is that?  I have never seen an eraseable highlighter before.  I tried out the pens and highlighter on math vocabulary page to see how I liked them.

I liked the eraseable gel pen best becase I like pens with narrow tips.  Tomorrow I need to go up to school, so I will take some better pictures of the pens.  These came out blurry.  I also am going to share a review with you of the Quietest Pencil Sharpener that so many of you have already read about.

And just because I went back in the bedroom to grab something...this is what I found on my side of the bed.

That's what I get for getting out of bed.  They curl up on my side.

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