Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sumdog Math and...English!

I am joining up with Technology Tailgate's Techie Tuesday.

Have you ever used Sumdog?  It is amazing.  My students love it.  It allows them to do a spiral review of their Common Core Math skills in a fun, interactive way.  They get to play games against each other,  students across the world, and the computer.  I like it because we are doing spiral review, but I do not have to copy worksheets just for review (or grade it).  You can sign up and use Sumdog for free.  If you get a more premium membership, you get access to more reports and stuff.

Now, they have created Sumdog English.  We tried it out today.  They were very excited to practice their Language Arts skills as well.  If you sign up by the end of February, the cost is 75% off!  You can read more about Sumdog English here. Sumdog is one of the best resources for reinforcing the Common Core skills I have seen that is highly engaging.


  1. My kids LOVE Sumdog too! We only have the math (no subscription) and I couldn't agree more that it is so incredibly motivating for kids. Thank you for sharing about the discount for the English portion too! I am going to go ask my principal tomorrow to see if there is anyway to get the English portion while it is on sale!

    Learning to the Core

  2. I found this (sumdog) last summer, but weirdly enough it's blocked by my district filter?


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