Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Getting Ready for a Big Giveaway and a Hard Day

Do you ever go into work excited about the fun activities you have planned and then spend most of the day just dealing with issues and never getting around to those fun things?

It can be so tiring when you plan something that will be fun for you and the kiddos and the behavior or issues get in the way of being able to do those fun activities.

Any time you have a  first year with a grade or new school it can seem like so much work.  It can seem overwhelming.  I find myself feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be accomplished by May.  God reminds me that I need to step back, breathe, and take time to see all that we have accomplished and all the growth my students have shown.

Sometimes the hardest part of being a teacher is the not having enough time to breathe and reflect.  Teaching is challenging and rewarding.  It is so much more fulfilling than many jobs, but it also can be so draining.  Sometimes we just have to take the time to recharge and fill back up.  Running around empty just makes a hard job harder.

Anyway, time for some Praise and Worship and maybe a bath or a book or both.

I am a couple days away from my one year blogiversary, as well as close to 500 followers.  I would like to plan a couple giveaways.  I need an honest opinion.  Do you prefer giveaways with donations by lots of bloggers or giveaways with gift cards?  I am trying to decide which way to go with my giveaway(s) and would like to know what would be preferred.  Thanks for the feedback.

Good night y'all,


  1. Honestly, I prefer giveaways with gift cards. A combination is good too, but with gift cards people can get exactly what they want. Just a thought! Congrats on being so close to 500!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. I agree with Andrea - I love gift cards! :) Congratulations on 500 & I hope things get better. Sometimes this job is definitely overwhelming!!

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. I certainly hear you with the draining and exhausting days! There are certain days when I drive home without music because I need to take the time to just reflect (and I didn't even have a minute to breathe that day!) ...with tomorrow being Friday hopefully you can get to some more of that fun stuff you set out to do today!! :)

    Congratulations of being close to 500 followers!

    Learning to the Core

  4. I think either would be great! I like gift cards and I also think it is neat when people do giveaways for different grade levels. I teach Kindergarten so sometimes I can't use things I win. Anyway, congrats on your big number of followers!


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