Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thankful...just thankful

I am thankful for life and energy to keep going...

This weekend was supposed to be super productive.  Saturday morning I did some cleaning and some shopping.  I decided to take a nap and woke up with a full-blown cold.  There was nothing gradual about it. I wasn't sick and then I was. 

Friday night had been a little more eventful than I planned.  I got a call from a co-worker that night to tell me she had been robbed at gunpoint, while unloading her groceries at a really nice suburban apartment complex.  Thank goodness she is okay.  A few months ago my 14 year old brother was mugged on his way home from work, and he lives in a small town. The world is a scary place. In so many ways when I get too busy to remember God and to be thankful, he gives me reasons to remember why He is needed.

This weekend I was supposed to accomplish lots of grading and getting my Christmas decorations up.  This would have been one of the few Christmases I did not have graduate school to blame on the delay on putting up decorations. Well, we got lights up on the tree outside. I am thankful we accomplished that much.  We have never decorated the outside of the house before.  We will do the roof this weekend...hopefully. The inside as well...maybe.

Anyway, I took a sick day on Monday.  I went to the doctor and got steroids for the congestion. I wish I was one of those amazing bloggers who actually finishes a product on a sick day.  I slept, but I needed it. Yesterday, I was exhausted when I got home and sat like a zombie watching HGTV. Tonight I ran errands until 8pm and figured if I just keep moving I might have enough energy to catch you up on why I have been absent. 

So for now I am thankful for this little outlet, that my friend is safe, that I can remember that this is a season for Hope despite all the stress, and that I have oatmeal cookies waiting because I went to the store. 

Goodnight and many blessings!


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