Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reading Skills - Setting

So when I first read Laura Candler's new book on Graphic Organizers, I was really impressed. I loved the way she explained how to teach Reading minilessons with the Gradual Release Model. I really struggled with trying to fit in an "I do," "we do," and "you do" all in one 20 minute mini-lesson. My lessons always went too long or we didn't get through it all. Her suggestion is to spread the Gradual Release Model over 3 days of mini-lessons. This seems simple, but I never thought of it. Here is the link to check out her book on graphic organizers. I would absolutely recommend it to any teacher.

So her book inspired me to want to create a set of mini-lessons and activities with this formula of completing the mini-lessons over 3 days instead of trying to do it all one day. I want to create sets of minilessons and activities over the basic reading skills that could be used with any picture book or novel as read aloud.

My first set of minilessons and activities is on my Teachers Pay Teachers store for Free. I started with Setting and Plot Structure because I like to start a new read aloud novel by discussing setting. There are detailed minilessons, journal warmup suggestions, anchor chart suggestions, homework ideas, and a Guided Reading handout.

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