Saturday, March 17, 2012

Finding balance

I admire the teachers who seem to be really good at balance and do a fairly good job of setting boundaries. I honestly think this is the most difficult struggle of being a teacher. I am a perfectionist, over-ambitious, and over-analytical. This did not help me be a well-balanced teacher. Lack of balance is probably one of the main reasons so many teachers burn out.

This was a big part of why I needed a break from teaching. All teachers usually have a reason they become a teacher, and it isn't for the money. :) Most teachers probably have a role model who made a difference in their own lives that factored into this decision. There are several teachers and mentors who factored into my decision. A clear picture of the kind of teacher I wanted to be existed in my head and my heart. However, stress and lack of balance steered me away from that person.

I had to recognize my own limitations and realize I needed a break to find that person again (or really probably for the first time). Balance, prioritzing, and healthy boundaries needed to become a discipline in my life. How do you stay balanced and make time for family? How do you stay focused on what really matters as a teacher and not get overwhelmed with trivial things? Organization did help me and eating better.

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