Monday, September 1, 2014

Room Reveal at the Idea Backpack

School starts tomorrow.  I am so glad we had a 3 day weekend.  It has been a busy weekend, but I also tried to get a lot of rest.  Over the last week, my fall semester started for graduate school and I have been getting ready for the first week of school.  Did I mention I had summer school students until last Wednesday?  It has been a tiring week!

This weekend I got my lesson planning done for the first two weeks of school.  Have you used Planbook?  It's amazing. I can plan right from my iPad. We also finally planted some more plants in our flower bed out front and put down some mulch.  We had planted some things at the beginning of the summer and just never finished.  Better late than never, right?  At least the nursery had good sales this weekend.

I am actually excited about going back to school.  I am ready to get back in a routine.  I am moving up to 7th and 8th grade this year, so I am pretty excited about the change. I hope you will keep checking back to read more about my new adventures in middle school.  I decided to decorate my classroom with  subway art quotes.  I love a good quote, and it felt appropriate for Middle School. I got some New York City posters to complement my subway art quotes.  I really love the way it turned out!  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen some of my pictures.

I hung a wire from Ikea on the dark blue wall. I will eventually hang student work from the wires.  For now I hung a welcome sign from my TpT store.  It adds some color to the wall and looks cute.

I used Ladybug Teacher Files' Genre labels to label my book baskets.

Now that I will be in middle school, I am also looking forward to finding new ways to use essential oils in the classroom.  I finally bought a diffuser.  I knew that a diffuser would come in handy in the afternoons in a room full of adolescents.

Have a good evening!


  1. I started using Planbook this year and am in love with it! I love the bump and extend features! 6 teachers from my school use it so we also got 3 months free....even better! Have a great first day!

    Swinging for Success
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  2. I love planbook too! I started using it last September!
    Grade 4 Buzz


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