Wednesday, May 28, 2014

End of Year Gift Idea - Squeeze the Most out of Summer (Freebie)

As part of the #3weeksnocheats movement at For Blogness Sake, I have been trying to workout more and eat even healthier than usual.  I have had fun trying new Pinterest recipes the last week or so.

One of the things I decided to try was cucumber water.  I love cucumber water at the spa.  The last few days I have been pre-making water bottles with water, cucumber, lemon, and mint.  I keep them in the fridge until I want one.  I love it!  I drink tons of water anyway, but sometimes you just want anything other than water. The cucumber lemon water doesn't really taste like water, so I don't feel the need to grab something else instead. It's so refreshing...perfect for summer.

I thought it would make a cute gift idea.  So I bought some cups and some lemons and made some gift tags.  The picture below doesn't show it real well, but there is a lemon inside the cup.  You could tape the tags on the cup, tie them with ribbon, or even place them in the cup.  You also could put the tag on a bottle of lemonade or place a lemonade packet in the cup.

Now I have some great end of year gifts that encourage healthy habits.  You can download a copy of the tags HERE.

Do you have any fun, easy end of year gift ideas?


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