Monday, February 3, 2014

Fun Resources for Teaching a Biography Unit

This week and next we are finishing up our biography unit.  All of my students finished reading their biographies by today.  This week they are working on the performance tasks from their biography study guide.  You can get a copy of the biography study guide here, if interested.  They have to create a product to represent the person's accomplishments and what they can learn from the person.  They also had to answer some essential questions.

I was researching for resources on teaching biographies and made a live binder of the links I found.  There are links to book lists, graphic organizer freebies from TpT, lessons from, and activities from TpT. You can view the love binder below.

I love using the ReadWriteThink Interactive Tools as a great way to use the computer to fill out graphic organizers. We are going to be doing some comparing and contrasting using the ReadWriteThink Venn Diagram.

We are going to use the biographies we read to write a biography essay.  I decided to start using Lovin Lit's Interactive Writing Notebook and her Interactive Research Papers.

We covered Expository paragraphs today, and later in the week we are going to start the mini-biography.  After we do the mini-biography, we will do the biography essay.  I am excited to share pictures when we get done.

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