Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Organizing Resources for Reading Genres and an Easy Way to Add Pics to Your Blog

Today, we reviewed over the different reading genres because we have been looking a lot at different fables, fairy tales, and folk tales. I have Ginger's Reading Genre posters on my wall so they came in handy during our discussion. 

As we have been working on Fractured Fairy Tales, I have decided I needed to start a binder with resources for the different genres.  I create stuff, gather stuff, etc., and I love having things organizers in binders with sheet protectors as dividers by topic.  I thought about making some dividers when it dawned on me I can print out a second copy of her posters and use them as dividers.  I am excited about this epiphany.  I love organization!  I know...I am a nerd.  Now,  I just need more binders and probably sheet protectors.

Side note - I have a new favorite way to share pictures on my blog.  Instead of saving pictures to my computer and then adding to blogger, I Pin the web source of the pic.  Then, I just go to my pin and copy the HTML code to embed on my blog.  Super easy!  Pictures I take myself I upload to Photobucket and then copy the HTML code there.

Also,  I started a personal blog about Balance and my journey toward being healthier called Balancing the Backpack.  I hope you will follow me. :)  I am working on updating the look of that blog.  (Note to self, I have needed to fill out that questionnaire for Ms. Fultz for awhile.)

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