Monday, April 30, 2012

Word Games to use in Teaching

I know a lot of teachers play Scrabble or Hangman in their classrooms.  Many of you may even have played Apples to Apples or the junior version.  The other day I was at Barnes and Noble, and I was amazed at how many word games there are now.  My first thought was how awesome it would be to have so many different types of games to use in the classroom.  They would be fun for a game day or stations.

I saw one game called Literati that I think I want to buy.  I thought this might be fun to use with high school or middle school.  I purchased the Origins game.  It was fun, and really made you think.  It reminded me a little of Cranium.

This Book Lovers Memory sounded fun, too.

Have you ever played any of these?  What games do you use in your classroom?  Laura Candler has some ideas and directions for doing a Scrabble challenge.   The end of the year seems like a great time to have an educational board game day. 

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