Monday, January 11, 2016

Free Resources for Teaching about Martin Luther King for Grades 4-6

Next Monday is Martin Luther King Day. So this week we will spend a little bit of time talking about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement. You can find a lot of great free resources to help you teach about Martin Luther King:

General Resources:

Text of the Speech

Links to videos and passages from ReadWorks

Martin's Big Words read on Youtube

Online biography of MLK

More official website on MLK

Reading Passages and Questions about MLK:

Passage and questions from Tessa Maguire

Passage with Cause/Effect Activity and Timeline Activity from Fifth in the Middle

Martin Luther King Poem close reading and questions

Reading Passages and Questions about MLK Day:

Differentiated Passages from The Sweetest Thing (These differentiated passages are always really well done.)

Writing Prompts and Activities:

Passage and Writing Prompt from Kathy Adams on TpT

Writing Prompt to Get Students to write their own I Have a Dream Speech
(This assignment is really for grades 5 through high school, so it may challenging for some in grades 4-6).

Timeline Activity from I'mLovitLit (You have to find your own biographical passage or text. The links in the freebie were no longer working)
LSU Timeline link to go with this activity

Activities for the I Have a Dream Speech:

Text and Audio of the Speech

I also have a set of activities in my store to accompany the I Have a Dream speech for $2.75. It includes quotes by MLK with graphic organizers to get students to analyze the quote, an activity to write about their own dream. There are also organizers to get students to analyze the I Have a Dream Speech in their own words in my store for $2.75.

What are your favorite resources to teach about MLK?

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